University of Alaska, Fairbanks

College of Mines and Engineering

Electrical Engineering: BS/MS/PhD

Civil Engineering BS/MS/PhD

Computer Engineering: BS/PhD

Mechanical Engineering: BS/MS/PhD

Mining Engineering: BS/MS/PhD

Geological Engineering: BS/MS/PhD

Computer Science BS and MS

Petroleum Engineering: BS/MS/PhDix.Water and Environmental: M.S.

Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) – Undergrad Internship

Alaska Hydrokinetic Energy Research Center (AHERC)

Power Systems Integration (PSI)

Data Collection & Analysis (DC&A)

Institute of Northern Engineering – Research
Department of Geography

Geography of Alaska – Natural and Renewable Resources

Geopolitics of Energy

School of Management

Energy Economics

School of Natural Resources and Extension

Natural Resources Conservation Policy

Natural Resources Measurement and Inventory

Natural Resource Management Planning

College of Rural and Community Development

Community Research Toolbox

Strategic Planning and Decision Making

Rural Business Planning and Proposal Development

Managing Rural Projects and Programs

University of Alaska, Anchorage

College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering – BS/MS

Renewable Energy Systems Engineering

Vertical Axis + Hydro research in Igiugig

Computer Science and Engineering – BA/BS/Minor
Engineering Civil Engineering – BS/MS
Electrical Engineering – BS/Minor

Renewables / Power Systems

Project Management – MS/Professional Short Course

Geomatics – BS/MS
College of Business and Public Policy

Energy and the Environment – Research

Alaska Energy Data Gateway – data collection and maintenance collaboration with Alaska Energy Authority and ACEP

Department of Economics and Public Policy

Economics of Energy

University of Alaska, Southeast

Environmental Science – BA

Sustainable Resource Development

Alaska Pacific University

Sustainability – BA

Alaska Native Executive Leadership Program