Fostering Coordination and Collaboration in Alaska’s Energy Training Sector

In partnership with the Alaska Energy Authority, UAF’s Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) and the Denali Commission, ANEEE hosts the Alaska Energy Training Group to facilitate coordination and communication between the multiple training, technical assistance and workforce development entities within Alaska’s energy sector.

  • Mission: Improve coordination and collaboration in training, technical assistance, troubleshooting and infrastructure investments in the energy sector to address capacity challenges and leverage the recent influx of funding. 
  • Immediate goal: Understand ongoing efforts (who’s doing what work, where, when, how, and why), share successes by highlighting what’s working well and identify gaps.
  • Long-term goal: Collectively address gaps and unmet needs.

The group holds quarterly meetings to provide a platform for high value information exchanges, to learn from successful training models and to explore opportunities for coordination.

meeting notes